PAK-Volt S.A. Carries out business activities in the field of supplies and services related to the supply of
PAK-Volt S.A. meets the needs of its suppliers and customers by offering proven and innovative solutions.
Through its activity, PAK-Volt S.A. is shaping the image of a solid and reliable trading partner.


PAK-Volt S.A. (e. Elektrim-Volt S.A.) was established in 1997. It is a company based solely on Polish
ownership, established by the former foreign trade center Elektrim S.A. In the initial period, the Company
continued its activity by one of Elektrim S.A. subsidiary offices. Since 1945, the office has been involved
in the import of electrical equipment and electrical devices, as well as the export of products of the Polish
electro-technical industry. Currently, the activity of PAK-Volt S.A. focuses on the energy trade and supply.

Key events determining the current business profile of PAK-Volt S.A:
Elektrim-Volt S.A. It derives from one branch office of Elektrim S.A., which covers 100% of the Company's shares.
The Company continues to trade, including export-import of apparatus and power equipment.
Elektrim-Volt S.A. assumes the implementation of a long-term contract for the sale of electricity to Austria, signed in 1977 by Elektrim S.A.
Under the consortium of Elektrim S.A. The Company is a member of the Polish Power Exchange (TGE), becoming one of its shareholders.
In May, the Company obtains a license to trade electricity throughout the country.
The Company commences its operations on the liberalized electricity market, selling it mainly as an agent of the Pątnów Power Plant Adamów Konin S.A. (ZE PAK S.A.).
Elektrim-Volt S.A. acquires 100% shares of Żychlinski Transformers S.A., which allows to extend the trade offer for the sale of power transformers and special transformers. Elektrim-Volt S.A. It becomes a major supplier of these products on domestic and foreign markets (eg Russia, Latvia).
Elektrim-Volt S.A. Received the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Certificate. Reaching PLN 1.3bn in revenue, the Company obtains a share of over 10% in the domestic electricity trading market.
Elektrim-Volt S.A. sells shares of Żychlinski Transformers S.A. but continues to trade with this manufacturer, selling its products on the eastern markets.
The share capital of Elektrim-Volt S.A. is increased to PLN 29.5m PLN.
Existing form of cooperation with ZE PAK S.A. As a result, the Company starts selling electricity on its own account, leading mainly to the wholesale market.
The Company is a member of the London based TFS trading platform.
The Company obtains its membership and is authorized to market electricity at the TGE.
The Company commences trading in electricity on the commodity market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. (WSE)
The company expands its offer in the field of electrical power equipment with devices that optimize the consumption of electricity.
Elektrim-Volt SA changes its ownership structure, 100% of the Company's shares include ZE PAK S.A. Since then, the Company has been operating in the ZE PAK S.A. Capital Group. - a company listed on the WSE.
In November, the Company concludes its first electricity supply agreement in 2013 for the final customer.
Elektrim-Volt S.A. obtains a license to trade in gaseous fuels in the country.
The name of the company is changed to PAK-Volt S.A.
The company focuses on the expansion of its business in the field of electricity trading and the development of an ever wider portfolio of clients.
Supervisory Board
Paweł Lisowski - Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Paweł Lisowski
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Maciej Nietopiel - Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Maciej Nietopiel
Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Zygmunt Artwik - Member of the Supervisory Board
Zygmunt Artwik
Member of the Supervisory Board
Jarosław Bryl - Chairman of the Board
Jarosław Bryl
Chairman of the Board
Board of Directors
Arkadiusz Kosiński - Vice-Chairman of the Board
Arkadiusz Kosiński
Vice-Chairman of the Board
Organizational structure